What we do?

Our missions

Children are often the first victims of inequality in the world. But are we doomed to indifference? Is there anything we can do ? What can we undertake? This is why the Big Up Project was born to help those in need.

The Big Up the Project contributes to help suffering children: orphans, street children, abandoned children, children from poor families …

Our actions are based on priority needs. They affect basic areas such as nutrition, hygiene, education and recreation. They can take the form of financial help, material help or skills exchange.

Currently construction projects and drilling are being studied.

Our commitments

  • 1 Our projects will focus on children in need (0 to 18).
  • 2 We shall ensure regular monitoring and information to all our donors and collaborators.
  • 3 We shall get involved in projects that allow us to be closer to the children we help.
  • 4 We shall participate in the development of concrete actions in specific domains such as drilling.
  • 5 We shall establish a sincere and honest relationship with our partners in Africa.
  • 6 We want our donors to know how their donation is used.