Thank you!

While some are tempted to despair, at a time when confidence is rare, we could allow ourselves to do anything to try to reach out … and yet I, a twig in the fields, I witness today a momentum INCREDIBLE generosity on your part!

Some people I don’t know had confidence in me and the Big Up Project team, and gave us money to share with those that the rest of the world has forgotten.

We would like to thank everyone for his actions and believe me, for us it is not trivial.


At a time when some would put out a kick homeless because it hinders the way, I assure you that this generosity makes me want to work my heart out…


Thank you for believing that we can get things moving.
Thank you for not putting me in a drawer because of my religious choice, like some have done.
Thank you for listening to my message of peace.
Thank you for being out of your bubble and taking the time to look at these others who suffer.


It ‘s just the beginning.
In cha Allah…

See you friends…


Mélanie Georgiades

Founder of Big Up Project