Who are we?


The Big Up Project was born from the meeting of Melanie (Diam’s) with Africa.

After many travels and encounters with suffering children on this continent, Melanie decided to invest on the spot.

Since then, many volunteers and generous donors who contributed to this project joined her.

In a world where everything goes so fast, the Big Up Project aims to be a long-term project based on durability and rigor. This helped to succeed in some areas.

The Big Up Project is a bridge made of men and women who think that the chains of selfishness are not unbreakable … Let’s get out of our bubbles.


The Big Up Project is financially independent. To date, 100% of our resources come from private donations.

Thanks to donations, the decision to intervene in a project are completely independent of any political or economic agenda and solely based on the needs that we have personally identified.

Decisions are taken by Melanie and her team of volunteers as projects are presented to them.

Projects are carefully studied and monitored. The Big Up Project wants to be a serious association.


100% of our resources come from private donations.

We accept donations in any form.

A receipt will be issued for all donations

With 100 € per day the Big Up Project provides meals for a 100 children in Mali

Should you have any question please contact us by email at contact@bigup-project.org